May. 7th, 2011

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...for which I can blame any number of things, but mostly can blame on my own inability to focus on projects for any serious length of time.

So, to update:

-I'm even fatter. My lazy ass is even lazier.

-I'm still unemployed.

-I've been professionally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I recognize that many of you out there are going "no shit, stupid" at this, but I'd resisted getting this done for so long since I don't think it's an excuse to be a jerk and I despise how so many self-diagnosed douchebags who took an internet quiz use it as one. I'd even joked about it with my therapist ("What does it get me, a permanent discount at Newegg? Free espresso every Monday at Starbucks?"), but it does turn out to give me access to SSI disability and I desperately need living expenses. I still get upset thinking about how I've had to resort to this, but I can't see a way out at this time.

-Been watching "My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic" since the show premiered last October. Watching it ingrain itself into furry fandom wasn't much of a surprise. But seeing it ingrain itself into places like 4chan and Something Awful is one HELL of a shock. It's like discovering that Idi Amin was a fan of Rainbow Brite. Mad props to Lauren Faust and everyone on the production team for hitting the target.

-Went to the Wizard World comic event in Anaheim on the 29th of April. While it was somewhat busy, you could tell from the atmosphere that the event is on it's way to becoming as defunct as the magazine it sprung from. But I got to meet and talk with some good people and enjoyed myself supremely.

-I left ASIFA-Hollywood in November when it became more about the latter than the former. Sadly, I find that award shows tend to do that to all manner of media. The focus becomes about who gets the award, how to promote the award, and the usual human drama that accompanies the desire to have/give the award out. So whenever I hear folks in some group I am part of go "Let's make an award!", I am less than enthused about staying part of that group. So far, furry hasn't gone as overboard as A-H has. (The Ursa Majors are a joke, really. They need to stay that way.)

-I'm on Twitter. I have another post about it so folks on my friends list can add me, and those not can spend 30 seconds trying to guess what it is. -_-


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