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A bit late, I know, but I caught a cold not long after the con and have spent the past weeks riding it out.

I'd like to see Antheria continue. It isn't the biggest event, but it's still trying, and in many ways it's not over-extending itself the way so many other cons have in their early period. It does not hurt at all that with their second year the city of Redondo Beach has already fallen in love with the con and even the mayor came out to chat with the crowd. Probably because anything that fills hotel space and brings in tourists during the slack season is seen as a godsend. The two biggest troubles for now are the poor dealer room traffic and limited numbers of volunteers, but the former is like as not due to economics while the latter is what every con deals with every year. Otherwise, all mistakes and problems from last year either never occurred or were competently kept from the eyes of the general population.

Most important: It's a con AT THE BEACH. What makes it important? IT'S AT THE BEACH. Food is plentiful at all price levels, there's things to do withing walking distance of the hotel, and IT'S AT THE FUCKING BEACH. With almost every other con taking place at an airport or an industrial/business complex, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have one in an area intended for people to actually ENJOY BEING THERE. I haven't been to a con that well-set since Confurence was in Buena Park.

So yes, I think I will be going back. =};-3


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