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Hey look, I'm back! Just a couple of notes:

Stuck in a waiting room the other night, I was exposed to an episode of "The Voice," a reality show where people try to sing for a recording contract or some shit. Holy fuck, was that a parade of mediocrity. Evey one of them had Michael Bolton Syndrome, overstressing syllables past engineering tolerances and backed up with overproduction so huge that Phil Spector would have told 'em to tone it down. Naturally, all of them were being screamed about by teenaged females whose hormones just kicked in, and the judges were of equal levels of "talent" as the contestants. Had to listen to the Derek & The Dominoes on the way home to get the bad taste out of my ears. Nope, don't miss watching TV at all.

Why yes, I enjoy the new "My Little Pony" show. I'd been following Lauren Faust's work for years, and the foundation she set, coupled with the team she put together, have taken what could have been another reason to stick your fist through the TV into something delightfully subversive to watch. I was recently reminded of the bullet that was dodged when I saw an ad for the new Care Bears series about to hit this month. Holy shit, is it ever insipidly saccharine in ways that the ponies have been able to avoid. I give MLP one more season before some fenderhead in a monkeysuit who can't let go of their ego fucks it up, but three good seasons is better than zero.

And a final reminder: MAY IS NATIONAL MASTURBATION MONTH. Give a hand to a friend, and they'll do the same for you.
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