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Reverend Jones has canceled the burning, but we're still left with the itching and chafing.
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I was sad when "Monster Garage" ended, but this isn't going to bring it back.
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Do you think Barack Obama is a Muslim Kenyan terrorist? If so, vote yes by clicking "unfriend" on my LJ page!
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Then have I got a contest for you:

Yes, yes. Something Awful. Get your knickers out of a bunch. It's cool. They're looking for just the sort of art this crowd is good at. Read this exchange:

Steve: Uhhhh yeah, dude. The magical powers of D&D plus the untamed eroticism of fantasy artwork. Picture an orc.

Zack: Okay.

Steve: Now picture an orc version of that Matrix woman with the big hooters and she's like taking a bath in oil so she's all greasy and she has an axe and she's getting ready to kill like a snake coming out of the bath. No, better dude, a naga. A hot-faced naga that was in the bath, like think about the erotic scenarios of that.

Zack: This is the worst thing you've ever thought of.

You folks ALREADY DRAW THIS. YOU PROBABLY HAVE STUFF IN YOUR ARCHIVE THAT QUALIFIES. Don't you want to win D&D manuals or Amazon gift certs? Of course you do! YOU'RE NERDS.

Now get out there and WIN THIS FOR THE YIFFER!
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To those opposing the Park 51 project, saying it insults the memories of the victims:

What of THEIR memories? )
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This is lousy news. Certainly one of the finest animation directors in the world, his films were cerebral in ways that most animated features were afraid to tread. And 47 is a shitty age to die.
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A massive sign that we're all fucked and need to remember to bring our own lube: Today's Sunday L.A. Times employment section has an article on choosing jobs based on your zodiac sign.

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I never say "That's not art," "That's not music," or "That's not literature." Those terms are too broad to ever be able to justify such a claim, and often go towards pointing out the prejudices of the person saying it rather than the subject being discussed. I prefer to critique things on more concrete terms, like "Holy mother of fuck, that looks uglier than a baboon's ass. Did you paint it with your feet? You did? Then stop it. Now." or "Your music is as banal and pre-programmed as a spreadsheet from a company that makes toilet paper." or "You write as if you were trying to fill out a Mad-Lib with a thesaurus." The creator may still be pissed, but at least we agree that it's an attempt at creativity. It's just that it sucks.
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The Prop 8 decision didn't take down Twitter, but Justice Kagan's confirmation seems to have done the trick.
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Here's a quick fix you probably want to make:

The article says what and where you need to change and it takes but a minute for anyone with a modicum of tech savvy, but for the rest of you who can't tell a mouse from a meatball STOP PLAYING THE GAME. Get a techie friend to make the change and keep your GC from doing a Joan of Arc impersonation.

Patch is forthcoming, but beat the rush.

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It's hot and muggy, and I just had to meander all over Perdition shopping and dealing with errands. I need to vent, so you get the benefit of my snark for the moment.

-Poster at a bus stop: "That's so 'Jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence." "Think before you speak!" Yes, because as we all remember from high school, the jocks were persecuted by us folks with brains, who would mentally defenestrate them with waves of sarcasm and irony. All the beatings and other physical abuse ignored by the school staff were just good-natured hi-jinks.

-Seen on a truck: The official vending machines of NASCAR. Yes, because that sets apart that package of Twinkies I paid $2 for. NASCAR! It would be far more appealing and accurate to use "Official vending machines of fat fucks who crave sugar at 3AM but are too lazy to go to Denny's."

-Armond White is film criticism's version of an internet troll. If he wasn't on Rotten Tomatoes, spoiling the listings for otherwise universally acclaimed movies, nobody would give a shit about him.

-Gay assholes who feel the need to go "ewwwww... vagina" at any piece of art that includes females should go felch a wolverine. We get it. You like man meat. Fine. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. Just stop bitching about the rest of us who think pussy is great.

That is all.
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Three simple questions:

1. Are there more than two named female characters in the movie?
2. Do they talk to each other?
3. Is the subject something other than a man?

Try it. Be surprised.

EDIT: And [ profile] thaily reminds me that this can be applied to more than just movies...
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To all the school teachers & other "posture pals" who always tried to get us kids to sit up straight:

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Happy Fathers Day to all you motherfuckers out there. =};-3
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WASHINGTON, June 17, 2010 - Campbell Soup Supply Company, LLC, a Paris, Texas, establishment is recalling approximately 15,000,000 pounds of "SpaghettiOs with Meatballs" canned products due to possible under-processing, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.
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Watching a little of the Hayward hearings in Congress. Ya know, for a party that has spent most of the past 30 years demonizing homosexuals, the GOP sure does have some great cocksuckers. They're all going down on BP's CEO like rent boys at a Frankie Goes to Hollywood concert. Just remember to swallow, Congressman Barton.