Jul. 20th, 2010

doodlesthegreat: (lepus)
It's hot and muggy, and I just had to meander all over Perdition shopping and dealing with errands. I need to vent, so you get the benefit of my snark for the moment.

-Poster at a bus stop: "That's so 'Jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence." "Think before you speak!" Yes, because as we all remember from high school, the jocks were persecuted by us folks with brains, who would mentally defenestrate them with waves of sarcasm and irony. All the beatings and other physical abuse ignored by the school staff were just good-natured hi-jinks.

-Seen on a truck: The official vending machines of NASCAR. Yes, because that sets apart that package of Twinkies I paid $2 for. NASCAR! It would be far more appealing and accurate to use "Official vending machines of fat fucks who crave sugar at 3AM but are too lazy to go to Denny's."

-Armond White is film criticism's version of an internet troll. If he wasn't on Rotten Tomatoes, spoiling the listings for otherwise universally acclaimed movies, nobody would give a shit about him.

-Gay assholes who feel the need to go "ewwwww... vagina" at any piece of art that includes females should go felch a wolverine. We get it. You like man meat. Fine. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. Just stop bitching about the rest of us who think pussy is great.

That is all.


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