Jun. 6th, 2010

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Tip for those who run conventions: If you happen to list someone in all your ads as making a a special appearance and use that person's art on your t-shirt and website, and even list them as a "Special Guest of Honor" in your conbook, it is not too much of a stretch to expect that your event is making an effort to bring that person out and cover their expenses. What is not expected is that said person will have been told only a couple months before the event "Oh, by the way, you have to pay to get here" and will subsequently be unable to show up. And offering excuses for said behavior that are anything but "Yeah, we were dumbshits" rings about as hollow as a press release from the Tea Party.
Conversational opening:

Moi: "Yeesh. Obama looks like he's aging faster than a mayfly."
Person in chair: "Good, maybe we won't get another four years of him."
Moi: "Would you be willing to explain your position?"
Douchebag in chair: "I don't want to get political."

You pretty much blew that when you opened your mouth. A comment on an individual's health or appearance isn't an opening for retarded statements about your position on their policies and desire for continued poor health which you then try to keep from getting called on. Also, ending your argument with "You're what's wrong with America!" and running off like a coward is a damned good way to prove you lost. Good thing we were at a furry convention. Here, kitty kitty kitty...
When you're young and silly, it's expected that you will have a focus more on yourself and your personal preferences/hobbies than other aspects of life. However, if you are in the lobby of a hotel describing the inability of people to take your six-breasted hermtaur vixen with dragon wings seriously as the worst thing in the world while I watch images of the Gulf of Mexico being turned into the sump pit of a Jiffy Lube in the background, please understand that I laugh because if I cried I'd probably walk into freeway traffic. And take you with me.
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The hotel was worried that either the furries would piss off the rockers, or the rockers would go after the furries, but both groups got along like bacon and eggs. They were honestly fascinated and open with us fuzzballs, and we were tickled pink to discover who we were sharing the hotel with. A shame they couldn't let 'em into the after-cabaret dance. Then again, it was an equal shame I couldn't make their concert. (Sublime, Hole, STP, and DEVO? Daym.)

And the rockers finally found a group they could party with that were able to hold their liquor like they could. =};-3
Went to an excellent Italian restaurant within walking distance of the hotel called Prego. It was about $30 a person, but it was excellent food & service and I cannot recommend it enough. Fresh food, prepared simply and presented beautifully.
Sadly, the fish & chip shop was only open Mon-Fri along with the rest of that food court. It was the best F & Cs I'd had in ages, and was just what I needed for lunch Friday.
Hanging with Nanimoose, Guppy, Fel, and the folks in the creator lounge made the con for me, and I was able to get a number of great art pieces in my sketchbooks. Someday they'll be on my FA page, as soon as I can unlazy my ass. Thanks to everyone who made the event pleasant.
I am now looking forward to Antheria, the organizers of said event having inspired confidence in me after a short talk in the hotel lobby.
Frosty Orca haz a bukkit.
And [livejournal.com profile] zrath gave me a Lego Easter Bunny! SQUEEEE!


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